Curriculum Vita

Curriculum Vita –  Prof. Pinchas Noy M.D.

Born in Germany 1930

July 1939 – Emigrated to Palestine . His parents, that were unable to leave Germany perished in the holocaust. Was adopted by relatives (uncles and aunts) who lived in Tel-Aviv.

After elementary school studied 4 years in agricultural boarding school “Givat Hashlosha”.

1947 –  At 17 years joined the Palmach and participated in the Israel’s War of Independence. At the end of the war joined Kibutz Erez, near Gaza strip. (?)

1950 – 1956  After leaving the kibutz studies in Medical school, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1957 Training in Medicine –  Tel Hashomer hospital.

1958 – Granted M.D.

1958 – 1966 – Specialization in psychiatry at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem.

1962-1966 – Appointed Director of the psychiatric clinic.

1966 – Completed training at the Israeli psychoanalytic Institute in Jerusalem. Joined as a member  the Israeli and the International psychoanalytic Society.

1967-1968 –  Advanced studies in New York – at the Einstein Hospital Psychiatric department and at the Department of Psychological studies in N.Y.U. ( Studied with:

1970 – Established a private psychiatric clinic, specializing in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.  Continued teaching psychiatry and psychoanalysis in different departments of the Hebrew University..

1972 – Appointed as Training analyst in the Israeli psychoanalytic Institute.

1976 – Appointed  Visiting Professor in the Hebrew University.

1976 – 1997  Continued teaching in different departments of the Hebrew University – (Medical school, School of Social Work , Department of Psychology, Department of Education), and at the Ben-Gurion University at Beer Sheba ( Department of behavior studies ).

1989 – Appointed head of teaching committee in the Psychoanalytic Institute in Jerusalem.

1997 – Left teaching because of physical illness. Continues clinical work and professional writing in his private clinic .

Has published over 60 scientific papers in leading Journals in English and in Hebrew.

(see: List of publications) פרסומים


Personal and family

1958 – First marriage to Hana Lichtner, parenting two daughters: Talia (1959), Yael (1962).  Widowed 1987.

1990 – Remarried to Dorit Sharav.

The family lived in Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem. Together they have four children and eleven grandchildren.